Below are the services I provide… I operate mainly in the Manchester/Northwest area however, in special circumstances I will travel further with additional fuel charges. If there’s anything that hasn’t been covered below that you require please do not hesitate to contact me. I am more than happy to provide paid - trials and forward testimonials from previous clients.


Bridal Makeup Artist Manchester

Your wedding day is one of the most significant days of your life and as the centre of attention you will want to look and feel your best. I offer a bridal hair and makeup service, tailor-made to suit your requirements. To find out more information about your wedding day and hair & makeup packages click the boxes below.


Makeover Manchester

If you are off to a party, prom, or interview - any occasion when you want to look your best why not treat yourself to a makeover? I will carry out your makeover in the comfort of your own home or chosen destination. I ask clients to have pictures of inspiration and to be makeup free and moisturised. Please check out my social media pages to see more images of party hair and makeup.


Hair Stylist Manchester

I provide hair styling and updo services in conjunction or separately from my makeup services. I can perform a variety of styles to compliment your make up look; please discuss your requirements before booking. Feel free to send pictures of inspiration and bring images on the day to re-create the look.


Mobile Makeup Manchester

Aside from the services mentioned on this page I also provide individual or niche services that don’t fall directly into the other categories. Fashion and editorial photo shoots are something I also take part in therefore collaborating with photographers, fashion designers and models is something important to me. If something hasn’t been mentioned please don’t hesitate to contact me.

What does the bridal trial include?

I will carry out the trial in the comfort of your own home normally 4-6 weeks prior to your wedding day. A trial is a great way to discuss your ideas and anything you may have concerns about. I carry out a different look on each side of the face so that you can have a choice of what you prefer. It also lets me see what types of products will be best suited to your skin type. All the products used on the bride are of a professional use. Inspiration can be taken from magazines, the internet and sketches. Some clients like to create a pinterest board to gather their ideas. I ask that when I arrive you are makeup free and moisturised.

A similar procedure is carried out with the hair. I ask that your hair is not freshly washed on the day, but washed the day before this is for numerous reasons. Pictures of hairstyles should be brought to the trial for inspiration, we can then re-create and adjust anything you like in order for you to be confident and happy with the overall hair and makeup. I will take pictures of the look and refer back to them on the wedding day if you decide to follow through with the booking. Feel free to bring a couple of trusted friends or family to the trial.

*The bridal trial will last around 2 hours.
*Trials for the additional family/brides maids that require a trial will last around 1 hour.

What should you bring to the trial?

Pictures of inspiration, tears off from magazines etc... A picture of the brides dress and the bridal party dress, veil, accessories, pins and tiaras that will be worn on the wedding day.

*If you can make sure you have a chair and mirror available on the day that is suitable for the makeover and set up as near as possible to the natural light.

What will happen on the wedding day?

On the wedding day I will arrive at the chosen location and discuss briefly about any changes that you may have. All bridal and party hair will be carried out prior to the makeup application. I will then carry out the bride’s makeup, I spend 2-3 hours on the bride to ensure that the hair and makeup is not rushed and the bride will feel as beautiful as she should on her wedding day. If there is any further need for assistance such as help with getting and fastening the dress, packing your handbag and getting into your car this is something I do to ensure the bride is as stress free as possible.

If I believe it won’t be possible for myself to carry out any of the additional family or bridesmaids hair or makeup then I will ensure that there is another experienced makeup artist for the day.

*The bridal trial will last around 2 hours.
*Trials for the additional family/brides maids that require a trial will last around 1 hour.





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